This an  approximation to appearance of Teresa Emilogu (probably a Romanian name). In 1980 Emilogu ws a school student and was injured in the forehead via a schoolyard accident.Another school student accidentally kicked a drink can into her forehead. Instead of trying legal methods  to resolve her injury, Teresa Emilogu ,her family and friends probably conspired revenge over years/decades. The can of drink was bought by another student called Nathan Pritchard who in 1983  was reported on the news as being killed by a car in a charity run/marathon.Did the Emilogu family murder Pritchard in 1983?  How many other people has  Emilogu&her family  &friends murdered? ?How many  people has  Emilogu&her family  &friends have they tried to murder ? One person has possibly survived her conspiracies and become a victim of modern slavery methods (slave labour methods).

Emilogu&her family  &friends must face justice as a modern biological experiments criminal/[modern slavery perpetrator.].

Nathan Pritchard(deceased) has a brother called Leith Pritchard [Leith pronounced Layth ].


as they appeared in the 1980s.

Added 13/02/2017:Bonello and Morris have big ugly bulbous eyes, probably as a result of inbreeding among Maltese islanders.

Their big ugly bulbous eyes become less visible when they smile.

The eyes of Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians were different and better looking.

Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians had wing eyes.


as he was in 1981.


Added 23/07/2017:

 Local Germans resembles serial killer "Bevan Spencer von Einem".


Added 23/07/2017:

 Local Germans resembles serial killer "Bevan Spencer von Einem".

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